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Goodreads Giveaway for Mental Health Awareness Month

Somewhere in the Music, I'll Find Me by Laurie Markvart

Somewhere in the Music, I’ll Find Me

by Laurie Markvart

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month in May, Goodreads is giving away 14 signed and personalized hardcover copies of my book. Enter to win a free book between May 21 to May 31.

Please know you are not alone in your mental health struggles. My book has resources but also here:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) – Available 24/7

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) is Available 24/7, confidential, free crisis counseling. Crisis Text Line: text HOME or NAMI to 741741

SIMS Foundation – Emotional wellness and support for the music community in Austin, Texas.

I’m sending love and positive light to everyone.

XO, Laurie

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Synopsis for Somewhere in the Music, I’ll Find Me: A Memoir

The book Somewhere in the Music, I’ll Find Me: A Memoir will be published in Summer 2022.

A coming-of-age story told with raw honesty, suspense, and dashes of humor of a woman’s journey in finding self-acceptance and healing in the face of grief and devastating loss.

Musician Laurie Markvart was adrift in life. In the wake of the untimely deaths of her father and preemie baby, her family life was in anguish, and her music career stalled.

Music was the remedy for anything in Laurie’s life. Looking for a quick fix, she attended an open audition in Los Angeles for X-Factor’s reality TV singing show. During the demanding two-day audition, Laurie reflected on her lifelong music journey.

As a teen, she fled her isolated Wisconsin farm town and her greatest supporter, her loving but mentally ill mother, for the famous music scenes of Minneapolis, Austin, and New York City.

In rock bands, on tours, and with Broadway auditions, Laurie had many highs and lows, successes and failures, some humorous, some dangerous. At the center of it all was a stormy relationship with her mother and Laurie’s growing anxiety disorder that plagued her most. The despair she thought would be extinguished with marriage and parenting, and for a time, it was, but it shattered with the profound loss of her father and baby.

With mounting pressure to succeed at the X-Factor audition, Laurie must push through her anxieties and heartbreaking reflections and not only find herself in the music, but a way to move forward and heal.

© Laurie Markvart. Cover art image by Jesslyn Bundy.

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